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Video Surveillance

Being able to control who can and can't access your building, or particular areas within it, significantly reduces your business risks. Electronic access control opens doors and activates assets such as lifts for authorized staff and visitors only, while denying thieves and trespassers. Electronic access control systems are an effective method of protecting people, property and information, and is a very flexible and fast method of setting and changing authorization levels. Cards can be replaced instantly, and access can be switched off if a staff member or visitor abuses access privileges. You will also have an audit trail of every person who has entered your building and restricted areas should there be a breach of security or an emergency evacuation. NSG Electronic access control systems can be integrated with other parts of the security facilities such as alarms, CCTV and back to base monitoring systems. For highly reliable CCTV surveillance in any conditions, try our CCTV package. Protect your property and assets with this trusted visual deterrent that gives you full monitoring and recording facilities from four cameras. Watch from a central location, or even your iPhone.