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Industrial Security

Industrial security presents many challenges; properties are large and vary in risks, any of which can result in a significant amount of costly down time. NSG Security has vast experience in developing integrated security solutions for industrial, commercial and manufacturing companies. We keep your assets, people and information safe while ensuring you comply with your insurance contract and legislative requirements. Security is an integral part of maximizing industrial efficiencies and improving the safety of your site. We provide integrated alarm systems within facilities – to reduce unauthorized access and provide audit trails to reduce OH&S and other liability risks.
Warehouse Security:
Running a warehouse operation is more than just logistics. Apart from planning your stock and distribution, a warehouse manager also has to consider security and fire issues. As a warehouse can contain almost any type of material, it can be prone to outbreaks of fire that are hard to control. If you are storing expensive equipment, it also becomes a target for theft by criminals or even your own staff. Security Presence – It is no good just to have security cameras if there are no staffs or outsourced security guards to check your warehouse when it is closed. NSG has got proven expertise in protecting your warehouse by providing highly trained and motivated security officers. Apply today for the job vacancy below that best matches your experience or your aspirations. A specialist from our human resources department will contact you shortly.
Building & Construction Sites Security:
Building and construction sites have a high security risk that varies throughout the life of the construction project. NSG Security offers flexible solutions to adapt to changing environments and risks, while being sensitive to the cost of your security system. Take advantage of our rent or lease options for products with a short term need. NSG Security offers a full project management service to design cost effective security measures deliverable in short timeframes. Our solutions ensure you are compliant with insurance and legislative requirements as well as providing practical user-friendly systems to protect assets from theft and damage and keep your site team safe from intruders.